CUFA BC Celebrates 50 Years!

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Something to Celebrate

The Confederation of University Faculty Associations of BC (CUFA BC) is excited to ring in its fiftieth year by reflecting on our successes in advancing a high-quality public post-secondary education system in British Columbia. We affirm our belief that the research, teaching, and learning taking place at the institutions of our member faculty associations continue to address the most pressing social, economic, cultural, and environmental challenges facing British Columbia, Canada and the world. We see BC’s post-secondary institutions as leading the future and as a key drive in the engine of the post-pandemic recovery.


After fifty years of leadership and engagement, CUFA BC now represents more than 5,500 faculty members, academic librarians, lecturers, instructors, and other academics at five research and doctoral universities in British Columbia, including University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, University of Victoria, University of Northern British Columbia, and Royal Roads University.
Our origin story, however, is humble and built on the passion and collaboration of university faculty who wanted to improve the quality of education and funding at BC’s universities.
CUFA BC started in 1971 as a meeting between elected leaders of the faculty associations at BC’s four (at the time) universities: University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, University of Victoria, and Notre Dame University (no longer operating).

The leaders met to discuss matters of common interest as the Coordinating Committee of the BC Faculty Associations. The value of such coordination was recognized early on and the faculty associations decided to establish a more formal organization through which they would work together and present the expertise of university faculty to the provincial government and the public.
By March 1973, the first constitution and by-laws were adopted by the four faculty associations creating the Confederation of University Faculty Associations of BC. In April 1982, CUFA BC was formally incorporated as a non-profit society. CUFA BC began modestly. The organization was run by volunteer faculty association leaders until 1987 when an office was established at University of Victoria and the first permanent staff member was hired. Five years later, the CUFA BC office moved to Vancouver where it remains today.
Current President Dr. Daniel Laitsch, Associate Professor at Simon Fraser University, is the 37th President of CUFA BC. Annabree Fairweather is the fourth Executive Director.

Meet the CUFA BC Executive at https://cufa.bc.ca/about/staff-board


Credibility in Research


CUFA BC is a respected authority on post-secondary education issues in British Columbia. We continue to promote the value of high-quality post-secondary education; academic freedom; university governance; academic labour relations; and research and teaching to the provincial government and wider public. We produce timely research on a variety of subjects, including university governance, government policies, trends in funding and developments at research universities, and policy analyses.

Learn more here: www.cufa.bc.ca/research-issues.




Distinguished Academics Awards




In addition to our advocacy work, we organize an awards series that recognizes the outstanding scholarship and public policy contributions of faculty at the five research universities. The annual CUFA BC Distinguished Academics Awards series has run consecutively since 1995.
We believe that the ideas that flow out of our universities are the lifeblood of our citizenry and democratic landscape, our intellectual life, and our economy. The awards celebrate the ideas that contribute to the non-academic community and demonstrate the necessity and vitality of public university-based research and scholarly activity. The awards bring with it the admiration of one’s colleagues across institutions, disciplines, geographic borders and beyond, and are recognized with a commemorative plaque and cash award.

Watch the 2020 awards videography series here.

Learn more about the awards and past winners at www.cufa.bc.ca/awards.


Information Clearinghouse



We serve as an information clearinghouse and hub of communication through a weekly newsletter that gathers top news in BC post-secondary. The newsletter started as a circulation within the elected Executive Committee, it has now grown to more than 80 subscribers! We are proud to serve a specialized and highly niche audience!

Learn more here: www.cufa.bc.ca/news/current-news-in-bc-pse.


CUFA BC is a Proud Living Wage Employer



In 2019, CUFA BC joined the ranks of awesomeness by becoming a certified Living Wage Employer as part of the Living Wage For Families Campaign. This campaign certifies employers that pay a living wage to their staff and contractors, and advocates for complementary government policies that would help families make ends meet.

Learn more here: https://cufa.bc.ca/cufa-bc-is-a-proud-living-wage-employer/.


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The Confederation of University Faculty Associations of British Columbia (CUFA BC) supports high-quality post-secondary education and research in BC. We represent over 5,500 professors, lecturers, instructors, librarians, and other academic staff through the faculty associations at British Columbia’s research and doctoral universities (the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, the University of Northern British Columbia, Royal Roads University, and the University of Victoria). The Confederation has been in existence for fifty years and works closely with member faculty associations at each institution. All of our member faculty associations are unionized under the Labour Code of British Columbia.