About our Member Associations

CUFA BC represents five Faculty Associations.

University of British Columbia Faculty Association

UBC FA, founded in 1920 to support UBC faculty to cultivate strong social and employment relationships with the University, became a voluntarily recognized union in 2000. The Faculty Association represents over 3800 members, including tenured and tenure-track faculty, librarians, lecturers, and sessionals at UBC’s three campuses. Lead by an elected Executive, and full complement of staff, the Association supports its members in all aspects of their employment relationship with UBC.

President: Dr. Dory Nason

University of Northern British Columbia Faculty Association

Representing approximately 500 full- and part-time faculty members at UNBC’s Prince George and regional campuses, the UNBC Faculty Association certified as a union on April 29, 2014, twenty years after it was first incorporated as a society. UNBC FA represents, advocates for, and bargains on behalf of, all UNBC faculty, including tenured and tenure-track faculty members, senior lab instructors, librarians, and contract academic staff. Under the leadership of the elected Executive and the Executive Director, the Association promotes and supports the principles of academic freedom, non-discrimination, tenure, and high-quality post-secondary education.

President: Dr. Paul Siakaluk

Simon Fraser University Faculty Association

Founded in 1965, the same year SFU was established, the SFU Faculty Association represents approximately 1100 tenured and tenure-track faculty, lecturers, librarians and archivists. The Association certified as a union in 2014, and represents and bargains on behalf of its members. In addition to supporting members in their employment relationship with SFU, SFUFA is committed to promoting principles of academic freedom, and the value of public post-secondary education. With an elected Executive and three staff members, SFUFA represents its members across SFU’s three lower mainland campuses.

President: Dr. Kumari Beck

University of Victoria Faculty Association

Representing approximately 850 tenured and tenure-track faculty, lecturers, and librarians, UVic Faculty Association supports its members’ employment relationship to the University. UVic FA certified as a union in 2014, and represents its members in bargaining and conflict resolution processes, as well as providing information and support. Lead by an elected Executive and three staff members, the Association is run by members through its standing and ad-hoc committees.

President: Dr. Lynne Marks

Royal Roads University Faculty Association

RRU FA represents the interests of permanent faculty at Royal Roads University. With approximately 50 members, the Association was founded in 2006 as a union recognized by the Labour Relations Board of BC. This member-driven Association is run exclusively by its elected Executive, and provides its members with support and resources, as well bargaining on their behalf.

President: Dr. Rick Kool