Past Winners

The CUFA BC Distinguished Academics Awards were first established in 1995. More than 60 faculty members from CUFA BC’s five member association have been recognized to date. Learn more about each of them below.

Previous Winners

2024 - Dr. Sean Irwin (Royal Roads), Dr. Amy Parent, Noxs Ts’aawit (SFU), and Dr. Francis Juanes (UVic) & Nominees 2023 - Dr. Katya Rhodes (UVic), Dr. Catherine Nolin (UNBC), and Dr. Jonathan Moore (SFU) & Nominees 2022 - Dr. Travis Salway (SFU), Dr. Sarah Wright Cardinal (UVic), and Dr. Colin Bennett (UVic) & Nominees 2021 - Dr. Athena Madan (RRU), Dr. Enda Brophy (SFU), and Dr. Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins (UVic) & Nominees 2020 - Dr. Dara Kelly (SFU), Dr. Bonny Norton, FRSC (UBC), and Dr. Ken Lertzman (SFU) 2019 - Dr. Nathan Lachowsky (UVic), Dr. Brian Menounos (UNBC), and Dr. Ellen Balka (SFU) 2018 - Edōsdi / Dr. Judy Thompson (UNBC), Dr. William Cheung (UBC), and Dr. Cecilia Benoit (UVic) 2017 - Kate Hennessy (SFU), Kelli Stajduhar (UVic), and Darwyn Coxson (UNBC) 2016 - Meghan Winters (SFU), Paul Kershaw (UBC), and Kieran Egan (SFU) 2015 - Chris Darimont (UVic), Bruce Lanphear (SFU), and Antonia Mills (UNBC) 2014 - Ann Dale (RRU), Matias Margulis (UNBC), and Michael Prince (UVic) 2013 - Christopher Schneider (UBC-O), Kathy Lewis (UNBC) and Robert Hogg (SFU) 2012 - Cigdem Eskicioglu (UBC-O), Christopher Opio (UNBC) and Eric Sager (UVic) 2011 - Ben Perrin (UBC), Jim Anderson (UBC) and Rabab Ward (UBC) 2010 - Todd Woodward (UBC), Margo Greenwood (UNBC) and Mark N. Wexler (SFU) 2009 - Jessica Ball (UVic) and Kimberly Schonert-Reichl (UBC) 2008 - Mark Jaccard (SFU) and Elaine Gallagher (UVic) 2007 - Andrew Weaver (UVic) and Roy Miki (SFU) 2006 - Kerry Jang (UBC) and Roland Case (SFU) 2005 - Nigel Livingston (UVic) and Marianne Boelscher Igance (SFU Secwepemc) 2004 - Joel Bakan (UBC) and Neena Chappell (UVic) 2003 - David Dolphin (UBC) and Keith Slessor (SFU) 2002 - Nancy Turner (UVic) and Nancy Sherwood (UVic) 2001 - William New (UBC) and Mark Winston (SFU) 2000 - Reg Mitchell (UVic) and Bob Evans (UBC) 1999 - Fred Cooke (SFU) and Luciana Duranti (UBC) 1998 - Sibylle Artz (UVic) 1997 - Winifred Kessler (UNBC) 1996 - Jonathan Borwein and Peter Borwein (SFU) 1995 - Peter Hochachka (UBC)