CUFA BC Submits Policy Recommendations for 2017 Provincial Budget

Created 24 October 2016 16:10

On September 19th, CUFA BC President Jim Johnson, and Executive Director Michael Conlon appeared before the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services, during its Vancouver budget consultations. The Committee of the Legislative Assembly holds hearings each fall to solicit input from the public on the following year’s provincial budget. Drs. Johnson and Conlon spoke about the societal benefits of a university-educated population, and made three key policy recommendations to support strengthening BC’s universities, and increasing access for sought-after graduate students. At a time when the province has posted a record high surplus, CUFA BC recommends that the province adequately fund post-secondary institutions, invest in basic research, and create a graduate scholarship program, similar to those offered by the provinces of Ontario and Alberta.

To read the full brief, submitted on October 14, please download it here: CUFA BC Finance Committee Brief 2016.