Ehor Boyanowsky Academic of the Year Award

Created 4 December 2014 10:12

Twenty years ago, the CUFA BC Distinguished Academics Awards were just a twinkle in one man’s eye when Ehor Boyanowsky, president of CUFA BC in 1984, wanted to create a means to demonstrate to the public the importance of the research and scholarly activity carried out by public university professors.

In 1995, under Dr. Boyanowsky’s guidance, the CUFA BC Council established the Academic of the Year Award to recognise a faculty member at a BC university who had distinguished themselves through their academic research or scholarly activity.

In the twenty years since, the Distinguished Academics Awards have grown to three different awards, recognizing those whose research has served the community over their length of their careers as well as those whose work is making promising new inroads into solving the problems of tomorrow.

To date, CUFA BC has had the honour of recognizing over forty researchers and scholars from all walks of academia, from those working with underprivileged youth, to those solving previously unsolvable computations, to those building wells for fresh drinking water in Africa, and those helping stem the damage of the pine beetle in our provincial forests.

CUFA BC is proud to announce that, starting in 2015, the Academic of the Year Award will be renamed the Ehor Boyanowsky Academic of the Year Award, to recognize Dr. Boyanowsky’s own contribution to the community by creating the Distinguished Academics Awards over twenty years ago. We are proud to honour his legacy.