New Coalition to Fight for Student Loan Changes

Created 12 April 2007 18:04

The newly formed group called the Coalition for Student Loan Fairness has launched an important online petition outlining a series of much needed improvements to the existing Canadian Student Loan program. http://www.ipetitions.com/ petition/StudentLoanFairness/
Spokesman Julian Benedict explains, “This online petition is designed to highlight key issues struggling student loan borrowers deal with every day. We are urging people across the country to take action by signing the petition and thereby prompting politicians to move forward with modernizing our antiquated student loan system.”

In the wake of the recent decision by U.S. lawmakers to cut interest rates in half on government-held student loans, the group is calling for a similar reduction here.  As well, the petition requests improvements to the current Interest Relief program, which a 2006 Statistics Canada report confirmed recently is underutilized despite the need. Also, the petition calls for the creation of an Ombudsman to deal with escalated student loan borrower disputes, amalgamating federal and provincial loans in provinces where this process has not already taken place, the reinstatement of the post-graduation interest relief period, as well as better debt relief programs for student loan borrowers, especially those with permanent disabilities.

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Media contacts: Julian Benedict 604-728-2067